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The Most Difficult Situations.
Newmark Investment and Loan welcomes referrals from licensed mortgage brokers. Don't give up on that headache loan. Instead, earn compensation for your qualified referrals. We have the resources and ability to fund the most difficult situations.

A hard money loan from Newmark is quick and easy. Since much of the funding comes from our team of private investors, we are in a unique position. We determine our own qualifying criteria and are positioned to make speedy decisions regarding loan approval. We'll help you close more loans with less confusion.

Whether you are an established or new commercial and construction loan broker, Newmark will be a reliable source to fund your commercial and construction loans.

Newmark is a private money direct lender specializing in equity/hard money. We have developed various lending products to suit your borrower’s needs. Here at Newmark, computers don't make our lending decisions, real people do. If the deal makes sense we will consider it.

Competitive. Flexible. Speedy.
When your borrowers and/or properties do not meet the conventional underwriting guidelines of institutional lenders, Newmark may be the answer to your funding needs. Newmark offers competitive rates, flexible underwriting and fast responses.

Brokers find Newmark to be an excellent source for all types of Real Estate loans where the borrower and/or the property fall outside the underwriting of conventional financing outlets such as banks and institutional lenders. Noted for speed and reliability, we fund short, intermediate and long term real estate loans for the following property types:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Mixed-use
  • Apartments (4+ units)
  • Office Buildings
  • Single Family (non-owner occupied)
  • Construction
  • Acquisition & Development
  • Congregate Care / Senior Living
  • Gas Station / Convenience Store
  • Car Washes / Automotive
  • Mini-storage
  • Land

Newmark also uses various additional collateral sources such as multiple cross-collateralized properties, personal guarantees, irrevocable letters of credit, and assignments of CD's assignments of stock and UCC1 filings.


Equity Lending 101

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